God's Will

 God wanted to create a world
without suffering, pain and death.
But His Creation
left the intended path
and was drawn into a vortex which brought death.

According to God's plan,
His Creation
gradually evolved
from simple to complex forms
until mankind appeared.

But God was filled with dismay
when fighting and natural selection
replaced the peace and joy
which He had intended
as the tools of evolution for His Creation.

Spirits which are hostile to God
had put the Creation in chains
by inventing the laws of nature,
changing the present as well as the past
according to their own intentions.

The evil spirits
of natural evolution and selection
rule over the world and steer it.
Killing and being killed
is their cruelly simple law.

But the God of Love
has never abandoned His degenerate Creation
and will keep fighting for it.
His Holy Spirit
is always present and active.

God's pity
for His corrupt Creation was so strong
that He became a human being Himself -
regardless of the consequences -
so He died cruelly on the cross.

Christ's resurrection
marks the beginning of His victory over the evil spirits.
In the end a new world
without suffering, pain and death will appear.
Then God's will will be fulfilled.

© Reinhard Schmidt